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Baby ducklings CHASING their mother


How do you title a video that contains a little bit of everything? We had 4 baby ducklings hatch (out of 7 eggs - 4 alive, 1 hatched and died, 1 didn't develop, and 1 egg disappeared) and these muscovies were moved into our old chicken run to learn how to be a duck with their mother. I filmed them chasing after her for awhile.

But so many other things are going on, it was hard to focus on one thing. Jake starts off the video with some morning chores, checking in on all the animals. Becky gets into the garden (raised bed garden) and puts up some tomato cages on our quickly growing tomato plants. I know some people are anti-tomato cage, but we had them lying around for free, so they work for us.

We've been working on a kid's table for our boys and we've been waiting on the lockable hinges to arrive. They finally show up and we install them on the table legs. Beautiful table, the legs just need a small trim on the bottom for a perfect fit.

Lastly, our family is in town - well, Becky's family (parents and brother) are in the same town, but her sister, brother-in-law, and nephew are in for the week from Texas, so we hang out a bit and take a trip to Mozingo Lake to get out on the lake with Becky's family's boat.

Thanks for watching and following our journey... here are some links related to today's vlog:

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