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From pasture to plate for this PROBLEM duck


At one point, we had 11 Pekin ducks. 6 females and 5 males that we either had to sell off or butcher. They were wild, they were crazy, they were messy, and they didn't like us. We were left with one male that we weren't able to sell with the females, and he's been causing problems with the other ducks. So today we take him from the pasture to our lunch plate in 20 minutes. Pretty cool to be able to provide our own food on demand.

The video starts out on our trip to the Kansas City Zoo. Eli was in Vacation Bible School at our church this week and they finished the week out with a family outing to the zoo. We had a blast, as we always do, and got some great footage of a few animals up close!

Lastly, Becky takes you on a tour of the nightly chicken chores, showing you what we do each night when we close the chickens, ducks and turkeys up and secure them for the night.

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