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They left their corporate jobs to GROW their own food | Living Traditions Homestead Tour


On our way home from our Arkansas vacation, we stopped by Living Traditions Homestead. Kevin and Sarah are homesteaders in SW Missouri, who have left their corporate jobs in Arizona, and moved their family to grow their own food full-time. We met them briefly at the Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival in May but we didn't get a chance to interview them.

We asked them if we could come by, take a tour of their property and ask them some questions about their goals and dreams. They grow 75% of their vegetables - meaning the other 25% of their vegetable-based products they still get from the store. Very impressive. And if you saw their garden, it's quite an endeavor. One that requires them to be hands on with their food, picking and preserving it nearly every day.

What's even cooler is that they provide 100% of their meat! They raise chickens, ducks, guineas, quail, goats, rabbits and pigs on their property, and the remaining meat comes from deer that they hunt on the remainder of their 15+ acres.

And the best way to tell if people are real and doing what they love? Talk to their kids. Kevin and Sarah's daughters, Grace and Samantha, reflected their parent's love for gardening and raising animals. While they currently aren't interested in homesteading, they do see the value in growing their own food someday.

Check out Living Traditions Homestead HERE

See their video from our visit HERE

And if you're interested in raising and/ eating rabbit meat, they have a great cookbook of rabbit recipes on their ETSY shop for only $5!

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