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What’s RABBIT MEAT taste like?


At our visit to Living Traditions Homestead, they gave us some rabbit meat and their rabbit recipe book. So today, Becky prepares the rabbit for dinner. What will we think of it?

Honestly... it's a lot like chicken. But easier to raise and process. Sounds like a game-changer if we decide to start raising them in the future.

What's up with the bee bait boxes? Well, it's time to check in on them. We installed 5 of them within 5-10 miles of our house to attempt to catch a bee swarm this year. So, Jake heads out with some brood comb (basically, honeycomb or wax that the bees can start to build on) to install it into one frame of every box and check on the well-being of each box.

Lastly, our meat turkeys (we're raising 15 meat turkeys for Thanksgiving and to sell to friends and family) and they've outgrown their shorter, smaller chicken tractor. Last year, we moved them to Becky's father's shop - behind it, there's an open area of grass that we could place our turkeys and meat chickens on. This year, there's quite a drought going on in the Midwest and there's not much grass growing back there. So this year, we'll raise them at our house, but to do that, we need to bring one of the chicken tractors back from the shop.

But, as luck would have it, the tarp shredded over the past year, and it's time to replace it. So we are using a higher quality waterproof canvas tarp this year.

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