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The cat that thinks he’s a chicken


Outlander, the male barn cat, has been banished by the alpha male cat. But instead of running away or living under the front porch, like he had been doing for awhile. He now lives with our chickens (and ducks and turkeys). It wasn't our choice, but he wandered in there and has grown to make it his home.

We have five cats... Jack (the alpha male, Rusty (the other orange male), M&M (our fuzzy female from another farm), and Cali (our female Calico). The two females have been fixed, but the boys haven't. We've gotten a number of cats fixed over the past year or two, but every time we do that, they seem to get killed in some weird way. Making it frustrating for us to keep paying to get them spayed or neutered to ultimately end of deceased.

So for now, Outlander is happy with his own place among the chickens... occasionally eating some chicken food, but we do give him cat food twice a day (that some of the chickens like to eat with him). But while we tried to resist it for awhile and get him to go somewhere else, we see that it's making him happy and giving peaceful days with the birds, so we're ok with it.

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